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If you need your website updating We are here to help. Whether its a one off change or something more regular my website updating services already help many businesses across the country. We offer an efficient service and conduct updates daily, so typically sites can be updated quickly.

The process in web updating is quite simple, you tell me what you need doing and I'll take care of the rest. The service is available to all website types such as static html, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla based websites. The efficient web updates service looks to give you the best value for money with an affordable website updating service. Bundle a few updates into the same session or chip away at other website improvements along the way. My hourly format keeps things simple and clear for everyone.

  •  New functionality: Develop and deliver new custom functionality for your online system or website. We have custom coded eCommerce systems, online booking systems, online patient outcome tracking and measurement systems, tour operator systems, online insurance systems to name a few.
  •  Update existing functionality: We can maintain and update your existing website functionality.
  •  Testing: Testing websites and online systems for stability, speed and flaws.
  •  Security: Security auditing and protecting online systems.

Language Capabilities

  •  Frontend: html(5), css(3), javascript
  •  Backend: php, Java, J2EE, C++, ASP/ASPX
  •  Frameworks: sass/compass, jquery, requirejs, xml, smarty, hundreds of JS/jquery libraries/plugi
  •  Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MSSQL

Why Advance IT Solution ?

Advance IT Solution is uniquely suited to transform your business into an event-enabled enterprise, so you can meet the challenges of the 21st century. With the power of real-time event processing and insightful analytics, the Advance IT Solutionenables you to achieve the two-second advantage.We are committed to flawless execution and delivery, and we take pride in helping our customers thrive in today's challenging environment.We share the visions of our customers, and our commitment to building these visions never ends. Working together, we can make the world a better place.

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